Saturday, March 7, 2015

Watery Pointillism

I helped with a recent art project in my granddaughter's third grade class.  We were making "waterway" pictures, showing a stream or river (or waterfall) and scenery/background of some kind around the waterway.

We also learned about James Seurat, and the art technique known as "pointillism."  Using lots of little colored lots (pointillism) to make the water areas made them really stand out -- the rest of the picture was done in black line art.

Here are a couple of samples I made:

For making the dots, oil pastels worked very well; the colors were vibrant, and it was fairly easy to make small dots; but this same idea might also be done using color crayons.

Here are some of the many wonderful pictures the kids created --

This river was still in progress when the photo was taken . . .

and here is a waterfall . . .

and another waterfall --

I like all the animals, insects, and creatures of all kinds in this one, by my granddaughter:

Here is one more picture; in this one a stream is joining a river . . .

Pointillism worked out very well for making the watery parts of these art pieces.  Maybe we'll try out some partial pointillism pictures, for other things, too . . .  

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