Saturday, December 31, 2011

Africa Wall Poster

Here's a picture of our Africa map in its current state-- only need to add in a few countries.  We've been learning about each country using Expedition Earth-- My passport to the World, by Cindy Horton (published by Bramley Books/Knowledge Quest.  This book tells about every country in the world!  We won't get through the whole world this year; we've decided to concentrate on Africa and Asia.  We're also using some internet video clips/photos and misc. other info to learn more about the countries.  

It's been fun putting on the colored paper cut-outs of country shapes on this large wall poster-- it is actually made from four pieces of white posterboard joined together.  The freehand drawing of countries that I did didn't exactly turn out exact . . . so some countries are a little wider than normal or otherwise unusual looking-- but it is close enough to get the idea of where things are and their general proportions.