Sunday, October 9, 2016

Making Felt Forest Animals

Hand-sewing is a hobby for me.   I like to do it while riding in the car, while waiting for meetings to start, or in just about any spare few minutes.

I've been making felt toys such as felt doll families, felt puppets, and felt dinosaurs . . .

And now have made a new pattern set . . .  it is for felt forest animals.  This new hand-sewing project is more than just the patterns . . . there is also a set of short (1 - 6 min) videos that demonstrate how to make the animals.  

That is because the pattern set is part of a Skillshare class.  I'd never heard of Skillshare before this summer, and I was excited to learn about all the video classes they have.  You can learn all sorts of creative skills, like painting and lettering and making paper flowers and photo techniques, and cooking and . . . the list could go on for a long time . . .

And the really cool thing is that as a class creator, I can share a link that offers 3 months of access to Skillshare's Premium classes, for only 99 cents :)  So you could take my class, and get a download of the felt forest animals pattern set along with watching the videos, and/or you could take any of a multitude of interesting classes that show how to make all kinds of creative projects.  

Besides learning new skills and having fun, these classes could also be a great adjunct for homeschool families who are seeking some instruction in art, graphic design, cooking, filmmaking, or other topics.

Are you ready to take a look at some new creative learning opportunities?  

Just click on this link for their 99 cent offer:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Making Paper Clowns!

Here are two different clown designs, to be used as craft projects --

First there is a clown that has hinged joints, using metal brads:

For this clown, the pieces are first colored, then cut out, and joined together.  Notice that if you want to make a shorter clown, the same parts can be used, but without the upper arm and leg sections.  

This was a really fun project to make.  The clowns can be posed in various ways, and played with, so it is a craft that also can become a toy.

The second clown project is a simpler project, but also makes a moveable figure.  The body is an accordion-folded strip of card stock, and the head is a cardstock circle, with a triangle hat.  Both arms are made together as one long strip, that is taped or glued to the back of the folded body.

For pattern pages to make both types of papercraft clowns, see Gentle Shepherd's Arts and Crafts Freebies page: