Friday, October 25, 2013

Facebook Frenzy -- You can take your time for this mad dash

Have you taken part in a Facebook Frenzy?  This is something new for me-- I am  one of the participating pages, and have found it interesting and fun.  The frenzy is happening RIGHT NOW!
       It will continue through Saturday, October 26.  There is a loop of 19 educational "specialists."  Each offers a freebie which is easily obtained after you like their FB page; then you can continue on to the next stop.
      On my Gentle Shepherd Facebook page, I'm offering Picture and Writing: Younger Ages as a freebie through Saturday night.  Just click on the "Facebook Frenzy" tab-- it looks like this:
Then you can click to see who is next, and go on to as many others in the loop as you'd like.
Since the FB Frenzy lasts for awhile, you don't have to be in a rush to go to all the pages at once.  But some people like me, who are task-oriented, might like to do it this way.  Once I got in a rhythm of clicking to like, accessing and saving, clicking to the next stop, I wanted to just go through the entire loop.
But it isn't a race-- you can start and stop at any time . . .  That said, here's one place to start-- 
Gentle Shepherd FB page:

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