Friday, April 15, 2011


James was asking me to make some feltboard knights. So here are three! I found some silver craft foam that was sparkly, so now we have some knights in shining armor! Also found that a placemat that was made of plastic with a metallic look worked really well for armor, too. The plastic and foam are glued onto the felt backing with craft glue. I needed to handsew a black felt "inside" onto the grey felt backing, before glueing on the armor.

So now we are making swords and shields, and next will be a dragon-- and of course a princess, and horses for the knights, and maybe some parts of a castle-- but then we'll need a king and queen and lords and ladies . . . this project just keeps going!


  1. Such a creative use of a place mat! We love felt "friends" as my ds calls them. We have made trains & animals before, but I love the knights, castle & princess idea. Thanks for sharing the cool pic of the knights too. Very fun! (Not sure if this is where to post for the chance to win the penmanship book, but wanted to share how cool your felt creations are anyway. We like the farm animal match game too.) I'm @choosingtolive. Looking forward to reading & sharing more of your posts. Nice ideas you have. God bless & Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, Faithflower! Sorry for the long delay in a reply; I must have missed seeing this when you commented. Glad you like the knights, and other felt toy ideas. Thank you for your encouraging words!