Friday, July 31, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Store: new WeE-book

The Old Schoolhouse Store has published a WeE-book about homeschooling young children. I wrote the two articles in it; the first tells about an easy way to teach using "notebooks." These are not large 3-ring binders, but smaller-- report folder-sized collections of pages that can be read through daily. They can also have pages removed or added whenever needed. This is something I did with my kids... and still do! James, who is 10, is going through a notebook this summer to practice some math things like square numbers, place value to the billionth place, and some Spanish vocabulary. We're also doing a fun song about sandwiches (I Love Sandwiches, an adaptation of Bob King's song).

But this thin notebook method is especially great for young children; I thought it should be called "the rocking chair method" because I remember having my young preschoolers on my lap on the rocking chair while we went through their pages.

The TOS WeE-book gives more details and examples about this method, and there are even five ready-to-print preschool notebook pages included at the end of the WeE-book. In the second half of the book, there are lots of other ideas of things to do with young children-- many of these use materials that can be hand-made-- along with color photographs of some of the activities.

To find this WeE-book, go to and look in the WeE-books section. It is called Homeschooling with Young Children, and costs $1.95. (In case you're not familiar with WeE-books, what they are is short e-books; you will not receive a printed book, but a download for an e-book. You can then either read the book on your computer, or print it out on a printer. )

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